Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vegetarian Drugs

I’m going to have to stop reading health news items – they’re doing my blood pressure no good at all! Have a look at this. Shock, horror…some drugs are not vegetarian! Like we didn’t already know…

Frankly, I’m surprised at this comment from the Vegetarian Society – “Some vegetarians will be shocked to learn about the widespread use of animal ingredients in medicines” – they really ought to know better. Do they genuinely believe vegetarians, who think very carefully about everything they eat, are so stupid that they won't have thought about the implications of the ingredients in medication? Do they think we can't read or ask the Pharmacist for advice?

To be honest, I find the gelatine issue much less of a problem than the fact that pretty much every drug on the market has been tested on animals before it is let loose on humans, but I notice they don’t mention that.

Some veggies will choose not to take certain medication; some will take anything they need to for the sake of their health. There is no right or wrong answer here; all any of us can do is follow our own conscience and do whatever seems right for us.

Mind you, ridiculous headlines which just give others a chance to have a dig at veggies don’t help much. Grrrr!

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