Thursday, 8 May 2014

Halal Meat

Well, I’m just about to commit a social solecism – I’m going to talk about religion and politics (as well as food, although somewhat obliquely).

Let me say first off… religion is not my thing; I prefer to think for myself and live in the real world rather than follow arbitrary rules laid down by a sky-fairy in a book of fiction. However I’m quite happy for anyone to worship any deity they choose, whenever and wherever they like (you can feel a ‘but’ coming here, can’t you, and you’re quite right)…BUT their chosen belief should not give them any special dispensations or allowances. It is only a belief after all; there's no factual foundation to it despite what its adherents may say.
This is what's getting me hot under the collar – my blood pressure went into orbit this morning. What the hell is our Government doing in allowing special rules for halal and kosher meat in this country? Why are they faffing about discussing meat labelling, for crying out loud? Can’t they see the bigger picture?

If I was to slit the throat of any conscious animal I would, quite rightly, have the full force of the RSPCA and the laws of the land thrown at me; so why are Muslims (and Jews) allowed to flout those same laws with impunity just because of their belief? Should religious beliefs allow people to ignore animal welfare?

There is something deeply wrong with this country when the Government panders to religious minorities and allows their brainless beliefs to trump the welfare of sentient beings. Sadly we are governed by hand-wringing, weak-kneed, weary willies who are too frightened of the religious lobby to speak up and say NO. How exactly do they find this barbarism acceptable?

There’s nowhere to go with this, nowhere to take it; there isn’t a politician in the whole bloody country who will say anything against this – they’re all too frightened of the mouthy Muslims (the Jews are saying nothing, they've been getting away with it quietly for years) and too interested in keeping their seat at the next election.

Well, I am not frightened of Muslims or any other religious group nor am I trying to hang onto my job. I can’t do anything to stop this awful practice but I can at least say it stinks and so do the politicians who allow it to continue. It has no place in a civilised society and neither do the appalling people who practice it and defend it.