Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Simply Veggie Takes a Break

Well….it’s been quite a week! When I wrote the previous post about vegetarian drugs, little did I know what was coming next....and maybe that was just as well. Last Wednesday night I was taken into hospital by ambulance for emergency abdominal surgery; after a lot of bargaining, pleading, persuasion and promises to behave myself, they discharged me yesterday. I’m battered, bruised, scarred and as weak as a kitten but I’ll live to fight another day, thanks to a wonderful surgeon who should be canonised, in my opinion.

Whilst I was there they pumped me with anaesthetic, sedatives, antibiotics, anticoagulants, sundry other drugs and enough painkillers to fell an elephant; my hands and arms are covered in puncture marks like a street druggie. Were any of these wonderful concoctions veggie, do you suppose? Were they tested on animals? Does it make me a bad person because I didn’t ask and I don’t really care either way? Like I said before, we all have to make our own choices and do whatever we’re comfortable with. Quite honestly I’d have been happy to kiss the Devil on both cheeks if he’d said he could stop the pain….

On a more foodie note I was sent home with a diet sheet which looks like some sort of sick joke! I have to follow this ghastly diet for the next month or so before very gradually getting back to my high-fibre, veggie normality. Thankfully they didn’t ask me to go back to eating meat and fish, but they did say that following the diet is harder for a vegetarian. Gee, thanks!

So…I’m bowing out of Simply Veggie for a couple of months because I won’t be cooking anything that anyone would actually choose to eat! I hope to be back some time in May when normal service will hopefully be resumed.

See you soon....