Friday, 8 April 2011

The Ultimate Club Sandwich

The husband likes club sandwiches, given half a chance he would probably live on them; I can guarantee he has had one (or more) sent up on room service at every hotel we have ever stayed in, but despite his liking for them I have never actually made one.  Last weekend I decided to remedy that by making what can only be described as The Ultimate Club; it had all the sandwich fillings we like best in one delightful stack!

I think a good sandwich is a very individual thing so I haven’t given specific amounts; use as much or as little of everything as you like and add or substitute at will.

So, working from the bottom up…

Wholemeal toast spread with mayonnaise
Shredded lettuce
Griddled halloumi
Another slice of wholemeal toast spread with mayo on the underneath surface and spread with houmous on the top surface
Sliced avocado
Finely sliced red onion 
A final slice of wholemeal toast spread with more houmous.

Now that is what I call a sandwich!

Cut into four triangles and spear with a cocktail stick topped with an olive. Serve with crisps or chips. (I only put two triangles on the plate for the picture so the filling could be seen).

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