Monday, 1 April 2013

Baking with Gorgeous Granddaughter

So, what do you do with your 2¾ year-old Gorgeous Granddaughter when you’re lucky enough to have her stay overnight during the coldest Easter weekend in living memory?

In our case the answer was:
  1. Baking biscuits.
  2. Making an Easter card with Grandpa for Mummy and Daddy (Grandpa was in charge of the scissors!)
  3.  A couple of short walks, well wrapped up, around the allotments across the road where free-range chickens pecking hopefully in the grass were a big hit.
All the biscuit business which involved knives or hot surfaces was done by Grandma (moi) whilst Grandpa (Mr Simply Veg) was stationed beside GGD to make sure she didn’t fall off the stool (!) at the breakfast bar. However, all the stamping out of biscuits and the topping, with cranberries, milk and white chocolate chips and almonds, was GGD’s own work and a very nice job she made of it (a few of the chocolate chips may have been snaffled by her just to make sure they tasted nice!)
I used a half quantity of this recipe and was surprised at how forgiving the dough was, given that it was very well squidged by little fingers and rolled by her to within an inch of its life! The three of us sampled the biscuits, which were delicious, after lunch and she presented the remainder to Mummy and Daddy with her card when they came to pick her up.

A happy time was had by all.

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