Saturday, 9 March 2013

I'm still waiting for Spring...

I was going to put a nice post on here today about Spring having sprung….Mr Simply Veg unpacked his brand new mower and cut the grass at the beginning of the week for the first time this year; it was a really lovely day, mild and sunny and such a pleasure to be out in the garden after all the awful weather we’ve had for the past few months. 

The smell of newly mown grass was in the air and a few daffodils were just starting to open; I even started looking up recipes for salads and lighter weight dishes for warmer weather…..and then it all went pear-shaped!

By the middle of the week it was cooler and raining and today it’s back to cold, misty and grey. What happened…?? It feels like November out there!

We went out for a walk this afternoon in the greyness – I was attired in boots, scarf, gloves and a heavy coat! On our return I mooched off to the kitchen and started making soup again; there’s a pan of Vegetable Beanpot and another pan of Red Lentil and Tomato on the hob. Looks like the salads and lightweight meals will have to wait for a while yet.

Watch this space.

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