Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lost my cooking mojo...

Do you ever go through periods when cooking just isn’t quite doing it for you?

It's September 12th and I've only made one post so far this month – I seem to be in a sort of slump at the moment; I’m quite happy to potter around in the kitchen making jam and chutney but I just can’t be faffed with cooking proper everyday food if you know what I mean. Quite honestly I’d be happy living on porridge, soup and sandwiches at the moment…

I have a list of things as long as your arm that I keep meaning to try – most of them are main meals and some will need adapting  in order to vegetarianise them – but I just can’t be bothered. Maybe nearly 40 years of turning out three meals a day is catching up with me, maybe I’m getting old or maybe I need to challenge myself a bit more…who knows?

Anyway, fact is, I’ll be really glad when this pall of kitchen inertia lifts. I think I’ll make my Christmas mincemeat at the weekend – some early Christmas cooking might buck me up a bit and the mincemeat will taste all the better for having a couple of months to mature. 

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