Sunday, 11 December 2011

Vanilla Shortbread

I felt like making a little smackerel of something (as Winnie the Pooh might say!) this morning; the Christmas decorations are up, the lights were twinkling and I was feeling quite festive.

I saw this Good Food recipe on the net and thought it looked interesting. Quite a lot of shortbread recipes seem to have ground rice as one of the ingredients, but I really don’t like the gritty texture it gives, hence the reason I’ve never bothered making it before; this one, however, is rice free and very simple.

I rolled some of the dough out and made a few dinky little stars for us to have with a cuppa; the rest of the dough is wrapped in cling-film in the fridge so we can have some freshly baked biscuits every day next week.

“Freshly baked biscuits every day…” I ask you, now does that make me sound like a Domestic Goddess or what?!

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