Wednesday, 30 November 2011

To Salt or Not to Salt...

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I don’t add salt to any of my recipes on here (with the exception of chutneys where I feel the flavour genuinely needs a bit of salt to counteract the sweetness) and I even use low-salt stock.

I firmly believe that if good quality food is cooked well, with appropriate herbs and spices, then salt will add nothing at all to the mix, but from the way TV cooks throw salt into every dish you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s impossible to cook a dish without it. All this baloney they come out with about ‘correcting the seasoning’; well, it might be correct for you, Michel/Nigel/James et al, but it tastes like the North Sea to me, sunshine!

I don't see this as a health issue – it’s all about taste for me. I don’t slavishly follow every edict from the health fascists, in fact I mostly ignore them; they’ll change the advice next week/month/year anyway, so what’s the point? Although I was diagnosed with hypertension a long time ago I was told very firmly that cutting out salt was not necessary; however, I thought it wouldn’t do me any harm to cut down a bit. Well, to my surprise, I found I preferred food without salt; I started to really taste food properly and realised that contrary to popular opinion salt doesn’t make food taste better…it makes it taste of salt!

What amazes me is the gullibility of people who buy ridiculously expensive so-called 'gourmet' salt which they believe to be somehow superior to common or garden table salt. It now seems they may be forced to eat their words liberally sprinkled with their fashionable designer salt, given that the chemical content of all salt is virtually the same. It’s very much a case of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ as far as I’m concerned, but no foodie worth their salt (sorry!) would dare to say so. Uttering such sacrilege would have them drummed out of the foodie clique…and that would never do.

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