Saturday, 12 March 2011

My First Loaf

I've done it...I've bought a breadmaker! (A Panasonic SD-257, since you ask.) I've been dithering for ages about whether to buy one or not and I've finally taken the plunge! I took a pic straight away because I was so proud of my first loaf.

Now, I know the purists will say it's not really 'homemade' because I didn't do all the kneading and knocking back and waiting around whilst it proved in the airing cupboard; however, if you've read this blog before you will know that I'm bone idle and will do almost anything to make my cooking life easier. I followed one of the recipes in the instruction book, switched the machine on and Bob's your uncle. The loaf looks goldenly handsome, it tastes wonderful and as for the gorgeous warm yeasty aroma that was wafting around the house when we woke up this morning...well, words fail me!

Fresh warm bread and butter with homemade clementine marmalade and coffee for breakfast this morning. Do you need any more of an excuse to buy one of these magic machines?

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